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China Username List

What is an Username?

A username is an identity created by the user of an account or online service in order to distinguish him(her)self from other users. It can be the user’s real name or a fictitious name that he creates. Other terms for username include sign-on name, screenname (screen name) and user nickname. The term originated in the late 1970s. Here we have the complete China username list.

China Username List For RDP

Use these usernames with password list and IP list for cracking VPS servers.

  • Country : China
  • Target : Cracking RDP/VPS
  • Quality : HQ
  • Password :

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  1. Jordan Greenberg

    I am having trouble with NL Brute. It’s taking too long finding the passwords and usernames. Okay, so how long does this actually take to get a good cracked rdp? Does it take an hour or so to crack this? Okay, so just let me know on which country of ip’s take faster to crack the rdps in NL Brute. I would like to know because it’s taking to long for me. All right, so just let me know. Okay, thanks.

    1. Admin

      Hi Jordan
      It all depends on your user and password list, You can get the hit in first minute or last minute. It’s all about the experience.
      Join our Telegram and Discord and we can talk about it.

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