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What is SilverBullet?

SilverBullet is a software application primarily used for performing automated web application security testing. It’s often utilized for testing the security of web applications, including websites and APIs, by sending requests with predefined configurations and analyzing the responses. Originally developed as a tool for penetration testers and security researchers, SilverBullet has garnered some controversy due to its potential for abuse, such as credential stuffing attacks and brute force attacks on login systems.

However, it’s important to note that like many security tools, SilverBullet can be used for both legitimate security testing purposes and malicious activities, depending on the intentions of the user. The project is open-source, meaning that its source code is publicly available and can be reviewed and contributed to by anyone. As such, it has gained a community of users and contributors who work on improving its functionality and security. This software can be used for scraping and parsing data, automated pentesting, unit testing through selenium and much more. Here we have SilverBullet NBA config for you.

NBA Config Information: is the official website of the National Basketball Association (NBA), the premier professional basketball league in North America. It serves as a hub for basketball fans, offering a wealth of content including news, scores, schedules, player profiles, team information, and highlights. The website also provides access to live streaming of games, video clips, statistical analysis, and interactive features. serves as a central platform for fans to stay updated on all aspects of the league and engage with fellow basketball enthusiasts

  • Type : SVB
  • Target : NBA
  • Capture: Yes
  • Captcha: No
  • Combo: Email:Password
  • Proxy: Yes
  • Password :
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