Universal Combo List Tools

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Universal Combo List Tools

What is a combo list ?

A combo list is a text file that contains a list of leaked usernames and passwords or email addresses and passwords that can be use for cracking. Here we have a Universal Combo List Tools By Mr Rabka for you.

Universal Combo List Tools By Mr Rabka

  • Multi combo list combiner
  • Randomize combo list lines
  • Username or email extractor
  • Password extractor
  • Sort combolit asc a → z
  • Sort combo list by lengh
  • Reverse combo list lines
  • Add suffix in per lines of combo
  • Add prefix in per lines of combo
  • Remove lines with specific char or str (case sensitive)
  • Remove empty lines
  • Remove duplicate lines
  • Remove line breaks
  • Remove range of lines of combo list
  • Split combo list to multi txt file by lines count
  • Extract lines with specific webmail domain provider
  • Size : 488 KB
  • Password : learntocrack.com

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  1. svayum

    pls post a tutorial

  2. Goxy

    I became a member of the Telegram group,
    there is no explanation for how it is used “Universal Combo List Tools”.
    When you publish a tutorial?

    1. Admin

      Welcome. It really doesn’t need any tutorial because it’s very simple.
      If you have any question please ask in our chatrooms.
      Good luck

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