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What is a Password?

A password, also known as a PIN, passcode, or secret code, in its simplest form, is just a secret word or phrase used for authentication, to determine whether you are who you say you are. Nowadays, when you hear the word password, you automatically assume they are talking about a website or something related to computers and other electronic devices, but computers haven’t always been around, passwords have. Here we have Russia Password List for you.

Russia password list For RDP

  • Type : Russia Password List
  • Target : Cracking RDP
  • Quantity : 6K
  • Quality : HQ


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  1. Zh

    Sir, Vietnam Pass List please.

  2. Jordan Greenberg

    I need some help. I tried bruting some Brazil ips with the username and password list, but it the password was wrong, and it said it was wrong password on the server. So does NL Brute show the correct password in the good list? And also, I am cracking some russian IP’s with the password list. But I just need to know on how long it actually takes to crack the rdps. Does it take like 24 hours or so? Because it’s taking longer than usual. Okay, so please let me know on how long this takes. And also, I wanted to know on which country cracks more rdps. Because it usually says 0 good results in NL Brute. So just let me know about that. Okay, so thanks.

    1. Admin

      Nlbrute only doing the bruting and not gonna guess the pass.
      The time is depend on the Quantity of the IP list, User list and Pass list.
      Larger = Longer Time.

  3. Jordan G.

    Okay I am sorry but the NL brute is not working. It brutes and then it says it has encountered an error and needs to close. So can you please let me know on how to fix this problem? Is my NL brute buggy? I am using 32 bit windows 7. Okay, so please help me out here. Is there another version I can download. Okay, so let me know. So please kindly help. Thanks.

    1. Admin

      There are couple versions.
      Join our telegram and search them in channel and ask question in group.

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