Learn Dorking – Beginner To Expert

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Learn Dorking - Beginner To Expert


Dorking is the art of understanding and utilizing a search engine to emit the desired results. If I wanted to find a file on anonfile; I can go on Google and use this search query, inurl:anonfile.com + Target File. I can find a Tweet with the exact same syntax, and I can repeat this for almost any target that is at public discretion and isn’t banned from Google. Here we post some of the best tutorials to learn dorking from beginner to expert.

What is a Dork?

A Dork is a search query that a search engine can read and interpret to provide the most precise URLs that correlate to that query.

Why do we use Dorks?

Cracking is, at its simplest form, finding basic, unprotected sites, compromising its security measures or lack of; exporting information of which is desired and then use them for other purposes. This is important because this next part will be complementary to our injection criteria.

Learn Dorking – Beginner To Expert

  • Keywords Email Search
  • New Dork Methods
  • Google Dorking Methods
  • SQLi Dumper Tutorial
  • And …
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