Hacking Practical Guide For Beginners

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Hacking Practical Guide for Beginners

What is Hacking?

When the word hacking is mentioned, what kind of images come to mind? Do you think of criminals and vandals trying to steal data or spy on others? Do you think of someone sitting in front of an array of computers, sending out encrypted programs to people in order to gain unauthorized access to their computers remotely?

The truth is that the majority of people view hacking as an illegal activity. While it is true that criminal hackers do exist, they are actually just a small minority. There are three types of hackers : White hat, Black hat and Gray hat.

A white hat (also known as ethical) hacker tries to breach network systems in order to help businesses and organizations in improving their digital defenses. A black hat hacker, meanwhile, accesses digital records and/or devices for malicious purposes. A gray hat hacker is a combination of the first two types: he may be a white hat this time and become a black hat in the next. . Here we have the hacking practical guide for beginners for you.

Hacking Practical Guide For Beginners Chapters

  • Chapter 1 : The Fundamentals of Hacking
  • Chapter 2 : Hacking – A Guide for Beginners
  • Chapter 3 : How to Hack with Python
  • Chapter 4 : Basic Computer Security
  • Chapter 5 : Penetration Testing
  • Chapter 6 : Specific Hacking Techniques
  • Chapter 7 : How to Protect Yourself

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